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The Foreign Language Department offers students the opportunity to learn the French and Spanish languages. Offering courses through the fourth level, students are given an in-depth coverage of these languages. Students gain the ability to converse in their preferred studied language and with a profound knowledge of the cultures and literature that abound in French and Spanish speaking countries.

Department Chair: Ann Williams, 
Department Instructors: Mario Limon, Carla Terry, and Ann Williams.
     French Courses:
     French I
     French II
     French III
     French IV

     Spanish Courses:

     Spanish I
     Spanish II
     Spanish III
     Spanish IV



The Fine Arts program at Sparkman High School offers students the opportunity to participate in award-winning choral, theatre, art, photography, and band programs.

Department Chair: David Giambrone,
 Department Instructors:  Jack Albert, Rosetta Bone, David Giambrone, Lezlie Lanza, Eric Mittman, and David Raney.
    Choral Courses:

     Vocal Level I

     Vocal Level II

     Vocal Ensemble (Advanced Choir)
     AP Music Theory

     Photography Courses:

     Introduction to Commercial Photography (Photo 1)
     Medium Format Photography (Photo 2)
     Large Format Photography (Photo 3)
     AP 2D (Photo 4)

     Art Courses:

     Art I

     Art II

     Art III

     Art IV

     Theatre Courses:

     Theatre Level I

     Theatre Level II

     Theatre Level III

     Theatre Level IV

     Band Program:
     Band: David Raney
     Competition Band: David Raney
     Concert Band: Jack Albert
     Wind Ensemble: David Raney


Department Instructors:  1st. Sgt. Walter Jones, Lt. Col. Lloyd Nathan, and Sgt. Gwendolyn Spears


The Physical Education and Health department at Sparkman High School provides students with opportunities to engage in aerobic and strength conditioning activities while learning about how the human body responds to exercise and other healthy lifestyles.

Department Chair: Kellen Greer,

Department instructors:  Lisa Aderholt, Cedric Austin, Chris Cagle, Whitney Deavers, John Entrekin, Kellen Greer, Nekeysha Jones, and John Turnbough.

     PE Courses:
     Girls and Boys PE
     Girls and Boys Conditioning PE
     Life PE
     Weight Training

     Health Courses:

     Driver's Education:


Career Tech
Department Chair: Karoline Webster,

Department Instructors: Howard Anderson, Kim Goins, Theresa Hodge, Angela Holland, Bev Massa, Michaella Ryans, Rachael Simons, Karoline Webster, and Verna Wilkerson.