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Paying for college doesn't have to be expensive and intimidating! There are many scholarships, grants, and financial aid opportunities available to our students. Scholarships are essentially free money that students earn to pay for books, classes, and even room/board. Students can earn scholarships based on their academic achievement, service to the community, and various contests. You DO NOT have to pay back a scholarship. You don't have to wait until you are a senior to begin applying for scholarships either! Many scholarships begin when you are in 11th grade. The sooner you begin, the more opportunities you have to earn multiple scholarships!


All students planning on attending a community college, trade school, or university should apply for financial aid through FAFSA.  Financial aid provides need-based grants, which means it takes your family's income into consideration. Grants are money for school that you DO NOT have to pay back. Financial aid also provides student loans, which allow you to pay for school, room/board, and books you may need. However, student loans DO have to be paid back after you complete school. 


Some scholarships require a recommendation letter or nomination from the counselor. Please complete below forms and schedule a meeting with your assigned school counselor. 

General Scholarships for High School Juniors and Seniors


100 Black Men of Huntsville

     email for scholarship information

AAFEPA for Education Majors                   

Charles "Chuck" Poland Education Scholarship

CJ Pony Parts, Inc. Scholarship

John Stallworth Foundation Scholarship

The Publicity & Content Marketing Scholarship