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Career Tech » Career Tech

Career Tech

Agri-Science Academy:
     Greenhouse Production & Management
     Horticulture Science
     Landscape Design & Management
     Sports Turf Grass Management


Business Academy:
    Full-Credit Courses:
     Business Essentials
     Business Technology
     Applications - Advanced
     Marketing Principles
     Multimedia Design
     Advanced Accounting
    Half-Credit Courses:
     Business Finance
     Commerce Communication


Engineering Academy:
Foundations of Engineering (FOE)
Engineering Applications (prerequisite: FOE)
Research and Design (prerequisite: FOE, Pre-AP Physics or Pre-AP Precal)
Introduction to Robotics (prerequisite: FOE)
Robotics Applications (prerequisite: FOE, Intro to Robotics or Engineering Academy teacher recommendation)
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (prerequisite: FOE, Engineering Academy teacher recommendation)
Programming for Engineers (No prerequisite)
AP Computer Science Principles (No prerequisite)


Human Services:
     Family & Consumer Science
     Food & Nutrition
     Sports & Nutrition



Medical Academy
Orientation to Health Science
     Foundations of Health Science
     Health Science Internship


     Level 1
     Level 2
     Levels 3 & 4