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Engineering Academy



Foundations of Engineering (FOE): Project-based learning of foundational skills for the Engineering Academy and career preparation.  Students will learn about the Engineering Design Process, Drafting and CAD, Project Management, basic building, basic programming with Arduino, employment skills, impacts of engineering on society, google drive collaboration(document sharing), and information technology(spreadsheets, presentations, word processing, etc).

Engineering Applications (prerequisite: FOE) Project-based learning that focuses on each major area of engineering. This includes mechanical, electrical, civil, and aerospace engineering.  Within each unit students focus on content related to the engineering field and then apply that knowledge to a hands-on project. Students will focus on planning, researching, and implementing their ideas. CAD will be a required component for each project.

Research and Design-(prerequisite: FOE, Pre-AP Physics or Pre-AP Precal) The Innovative System Project for the Increased Recruitment of Emerging STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Students (InSPIRESS) is an outreach project that provides the opportunity for high school students to develop and design a scientific payload to be accommodated on a spacecraft which is designed by undergraduate students in the UAHuntsville IPT project.  High school students collaborate with the undergraduate engineering students to understand the engineering requirements, the design process, and the role a customer plays in design.  InSPIRESS teams compete for selection by the undergraduate engineering teams.

Intro to Robotics- (prerequisite: FOE) Project-based learning of basic robotics including design application, mechanics, electronics, and programming. Students will utilize the VEX Cortex and Arduinos to control the robotic systems.

Robotics Applications-(prerequisite: FOE, Intro to Robotics or Engineering Academy teacher recommendation) Project-based learning through the BEST Competition.  Students will participate in a company to design, build, test, and market a fabricated robot.  Students choose a company department based on personal strengths identified in the previous courses.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing-(prerequisite: FOE, Engineering Academy teacher recommendation) Project-based learning of design, CNC machining, and industrial robotic systems. After completing the CIM course, students can obtain a 2 year degree in the field at Calhoun Community College and/or train at Robotics Technology Park.

Programming for Engineers- (No prerequisite) Student self-paced introductary programming class. Focuses on Java Script, Java, and webpage design. It culminates in an independent programming project.

AP Computer Science Principles- (No prerequisite) Integrates animation, engineering, visual design, and programming with the goal of creating leaders in computer science. Students will choose three independent paths which lead to a final project based on their pathway. Choices are derived from JAVA, 3D animation, and graphic design.  All students will learn MATLAB/Simulink and the seven AP principles “Big Ideas.”